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looks awesome like doom

Nice! Amazing Hexen/Heretic vibe with fluid gameplay ^^

Cool Doom-style game, definetly should play.

wow. absolutly amazing. i had so much fun playing this game. i have no real complaints! i cant wait for this game to come out

Kool lil demo

Great gameplay for the most part! It could use some input response time and hit box improvements for pro players though.

Ohh I loved this game, it harkens back to a simpler time with no check high walls only death and mayhem for a relaxing time.

With the Linux build up on Steam, will we also get a Linux release here on Itch?

The design and how the game plays is absolutely fantastic.

Enjoyed every second of the DEMO. Can't wait for the full release.

Keep up the great work!!!

the game is awesome, hope you add a VR mode to the game too, FPS game are best as VR.

look at escape from tarkov it was made with unity 

I know it says its made in unity but how can a unity game look this great

Can't wait for it on steam man.

What game engine is this in?

Cannot play, i always run into one direction even without input. I even have disconnected my game pad and this issue remains. And even after disconnecting everything what could cause third party input like the 3dconnexion mouse navigator, the issue remains.

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why is it that all FPS's seem to 'forget' to add invert mouse  to their options/settings? A clear missed opportunity for a game such as this, but I'll reserve judgement until it has been added and I am able to play it. Looks promising and I'm looking forward to future updates.

who uses invert mouse in 2018 and why

For people who grew up with flight sims, inverted mouse is a more natural way of controlling the view. It makes sense, too. Imagine the mouse is the top of your head. You pull your head back (down) to look up and push it forward to look down.  /Shrug - it's mostly an old-timer thing, myself included .

oh alright my dude, to each their own!!!

I have a friend who is the exact same way, he can never understand how I can switch seamlessly between the two.  As soon as I am flying in a game it's reversed, on foot it's back to normal, but as was each their own.

hey im not an old timer, haha, but im not a kid too, and yeah i know what you mean, i use reverse too, sounds more natural to your prespective of natural raction


wow! great! hexen? heretic? really great job!

how pley

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cool game 

Well done son far, some rough angles to tune for me :

- music: base music is repetitive (and boring, out of the context for a game of destruction, violence and blood) and action music is fine

- without a proper automap casual player could get lost ?

- some monsters attack patterns are too easy to avoid, like for example the bouncing energy attack

- when an enemy die on top of a ladder, because there is no body physic animation, it's someway strage to see an horizontal body simply.. go down

- enemies bouncing one top of the other (a bug I suppose)

Hope to see some update also on the demo here on itch !


Pretty cool so far! My main concern is that the movement feels a bit unresponsive and laggy. It's not as fluid as classic shooting games. Also, the music when going into combat is a bit jarring. Going from classic medieval ambient music to metal is a bit rough. It works in DOOM 2016 because the entire sound track is made to flow within itself based on what you're doing. I see what you're going for, but it's a bit crude at the moment. Also, the slow-motion kills could use more consistency, or a system behind them to make them mean something besides "look at this cool kill". Maybe there is, and I just didn't notice.

That said, this is a good start, and I can't wait to see how development goes.

I can’t wait for this to come out


Well I kind of Lost my mind playing this.... 


This is how I feel after playing the first level. 

Visuals & Performance:

The visuals had a pretty high level of fidelity, but it lacked aesthetic coherence. The enemies all felt like they were from the same category, but not the same universe. Mostly the look of the game was good, but it would probably feel more natural if the look mirrored the old-school style that the gameplay is going for. Also, holy framerate batman! I don't know what resolution these textures are or what kind of stuff is being processed, but this game needs some serious optimization!

Sound Design:

The sounds in this were pretty standard, but the dynamic music did not work at all! I don't have a problem with dynamic music, but the shift here was so frequent and jarring that it got annoying very quickly. I know the music changing is optional, but it could have been executed much better! Keeping the more exciting music playing continuously would have been much better choice.


The movement was responsive. The looking felt normal with motion blur and mouse smoothing turned off. The combat was decent. I didn't like the choice to start with hand to hand combat. It takes a lot of work to get any kind of melee combat to feel satisfying. The melee combat felt more like skyrim than something like dark souls. I also didn't love the shooting. The pattern of the staff in the first level felt totally random. It felt more like I was spamming the fire button in the general direction of the enemies, as opposed to actually aiming and getting the satisfaction of hitting an enemy on purpose. In my opinion, the first gun you get should be a semi-auto weapon that will hit anything in the middle of your screen. I also think that any weapon that's not an explosive projectile or something similarly powerful should be an instant bullet. The random nature of the starting staff mixed with the slow travel time of the spells made it very unsatisfying to use.

These are just first impressions, but I think the first level of a game is very telling. I'll probably play more of this game to see how the level design changes. I really hope this game gets some tweaks, because it could be really good!

This was a really fun game to play. I hope you all the best in making this game a reality.

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Impresive work for a beta. I like the main aesthetic and the freaky mood. However it could be a little more intense, maybe increasing movement speed. Please, add an option so as to disable blurry effect when player moves - not really good. At home, the game seems to me more darkly than on pictures. Effects and weapons are great with a good feeling. I noticed many free assets that I used too for my own project. I wait your game on Steam. I wish you the best, developing your game. Bye ++

Mine using the same monster :)


Valiant idea, bad execution.

As of now, the game is clunky beyond belief, it doesn't feel like old shooters, there's just a plain feel of a generic Unity engine-based title.  Weapons are severely underwhelming, the whole combat feels dissatisfactory,  and while I appreciate the gore, it still seems very artificial when enemies explode from a gauntlet hit. Gameplay is rather slow and tedious - it's nothing like in retro fps, where you made use of your speed to outmaneuver and dispatch hordes of enemies on large arenas mixed with tight corridors.  The one level featured in the demo makes me rather pessimistic about map design as well. 

Game also misses some basic features like invert mouse option (very important if your target audience is supposed to be retro players), fov setting, 16:10 screen support or the ability to bind keys. It also suffers from abysmal performance even on a quite powerful PC - which I assume can be partly blamed on Unity, partly on unoptimized assets.

The graphics are neither retro nor modern, they seem like something from TesIV:Oblivion, but with much worse character animations. The built- in pixelize color filtering feature needs work, right now it just produces unintelligible mess rather than simulating reduced color palette.

In the state presented in demo, Apocryph isn't either a modern game with retro sensibilities nor a proper oldschool game. It needs a lot of work and improvements, otherwise it will be just another lowly  shooter with lots of wasted potential, stuck in the limbo of mediocrity.

I sincerely hope it will get better, good luck with the development.

This brought back alot of memories of my youth from many games that I can no longer remember titles to. I think one of them was called dark ages? Of course doom sticks out in my memory and, Wolfenstein 3D.

Has there been an update since I played last? If so I need to play again. Old video for funsies.

Amazing Game! its so retro! reminds me doom and sorcery saga! 

Great job devs! Please take a look our game too!

Fluffy Team!

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I had  a chance to play this a while back and I have to say, I loved it. The graphics are great, the audio was superb and the controls were spot on.

 There are 6 modes and I played 3 of them all covering the first level. I can't wait for this to be released. GIVE ME THE GAME NOW lol